900 employees across seven locations have been united at the new DEWNR 10,000sqm headquarters at 81 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) engaged with Schiavello, MPH, Aurecon, dSquared Consulting and Aquenta to consolidate 900 employees from seven offices into the 35-year old dormant ATO building at Waymouth Street.

The project's scope aimed to develop and implement a change management plan for the 900 government workers, refurbish the dormant building, and transform it into an energy efficient, green building of the future.


Quick Turnaround

Awarded the Green Building Council of Australia’s  6 Star Green Star – Interiors V1 rating

Early planning enabled cost efficiencies during construction and a compressed programme

Consolidating seven offices led to $30 million in savings from the lease agreement over 12 years

6 Star Green Star Rating

$30m Lease Savings


Environmental & Sustainable Construction - Commercial

Schiavello’s Early Contractor Engagement (ECE) with DEWNR allowed the team to establish a comprehensive and cost-effective methodology for targeting the 6 star Green Star Rating, whilst transforming the 35-year old ATO building into the green building of the future.

Careful control over the design, change and other project specific consultants ensured Schiavello were able to integrate the Base Building upgrade with the Design & Construct fit-out works, optimising the programme and ensuring the asset owner’s and end user’s briefs were met simultaneously with cost efficiencies wherever possible.

DEWNR not only highlights Schiavello’s expertise in sustainable design and building life cycles but also demonstrates competency in delivering complex projects.

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The Green Building of the Future


SA CitySwitch

Partnership of the Year Award


Best Workplace Project,

Best Development

The new Waymouth Street office is not only environmentally sustainable. By creating a more efficient and healthy workplace, DEWNR will reduce costs and boost staff performance.

–  Romilly Madew, CEO  

Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)

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